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Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Book - Fixing the Housing Market (K/N)

Fixing the Housing Market: Financial Innovations for the Future (Main/UK), by Barth James R and Yago Glenn R Allen Franklin, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher FT Press.
Book Description
Ever since the ancient Greeks, financial innovation has enabled more people to purchase homes. Today is no different: in fact, responsible financial innovation is now the best tool available for "rebooting" crippled housing markets, improving their efficiency, and making housing more accessible to millions. In Fixing the Housing Market, three leading experts explain how, covering everything decision-makers should know about today’s housing and financial markets.

The authors first explain how innovative housing financial products, services and institutions evolved through the 19th century, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond -- culminating in the post-1970s era of securitization. Next, they assess housing finance systems in mature economies during and after the recent crisis, highlighting benefits and risks associated with each widely-used mortgage funding structure and product. They also carefully assess current housing finance structures in emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Building on these insights, the authors introduce transformative financial innovations that can facilitate a more stable and sustainable financing system for housing -- providing better shelter for more people, helping the industry recover, and creating thousands of new jobs. Using these new tools, entrepreneurs, economic development specialists, and policymakers can develop practical strategies for bridging funding gaps -- raising more capital for longer terms at lower cost.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Jeff Augen's Options Trading Strategies (K/N)

Jeff Augen's Options Trading Strategies (Main/UK), a collection of three titles, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher FT Press.
Book Description
Breakthrough option strategies from Jeff Augen: Three eBooks packed with new tools and strategies for earning higher, more consistent profits and systematically controlling risk!

In three remarkable eBooks, Jeff Augen teaches you dozens of up-to-the-minute option trading strategies and techniques for earning powerful, consistent profits! The Option Trader’s Workbook, Second Edition offers start-to-finish hands-on practice with every leading strategy, including the newest trading techniques. Through hundreds of realistic problems (each with fully explained solutions), you’ll walk through trades designed to profit from changing prices, volatility, and time decay…plus new ways to use CBOE Weekly Options Expiration options, collars, covered calls, covered puts, ratio and variance trading, VIX options, volatility ETFs, and more…all without risking a dime! In Trading Options at Expiration: Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame, Augen reveals new ways to structure positions that profit from predictable end-of-contract price distortions with remarkably low risk. Packed with brand-new statistical models, minute-by-minute pricing analyses, and optimized strategies, this book teaches you how to create trades that regularly deliver returns of 40%–300% with just two days of market exposure per month, or even less. Finally, in The Volatility Edge in Options Trading: New Technical Strategies for Investing in Unstable Markets, Augen introduces breakthrough strategies for identifying and profiting from subtle price distortions that arise from changes in market volatility. Drawing on more than a decade of never-before-published research, Augen shows option traders how to study historical price changes, mitigate risk, limit market exposure, and structure mathematically sound high-return positions. You’ll even discover how to build your own customized, low-cost analytical toolset to transform these state-of-the-art strategies into practical buy/sell signals!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Living Rich by Spending Smart (K/N)

Update: 12/3/12 The newer edition is now free on Kindle and the older edition that was free when this was originally posted is no longer available for purchase.

Living Rich by Spending Smart: How to Get More of What You Really Want (Main/UK), by Gregory Karp, is a repeat freebie on Kindle and from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher FT Press. Careful using search on Kindle - there are two editions and only one is free; oddly enough, this time around it's the older edition, rather than the newer one that was free last time around.
Book Description
As The Millionaire Next Door revealed, building wealth isn’t just about working harder or what you choose to invest in: it’s about spending smarter. Now, award-winning Tribune Company personal finance columnist Gregory Karp shows how to do just that.

This book isn’t about depriving yourself. Instead, Gregory Karp shows how to build real, long-lasting wealth by plugging the money leaks you’re barely aware of and making sure you spend with a purpose.

Karp’s surprisingly painless techniques will help you eliminate wasteful spending in every area of your financial life. You’ll discover how to focus spending on what you really care about...spend less on gifts without becoming a cheapskate...slash your phone bill...pay less for food and still eat what you want...eliminate spending...
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Free Book - ETF Trading and Investing Strategies (K/N)

ETF Trading and Investing Strategies (Main/UK), a collection of titles by Tom Lydon, Leslie N. Masonson and Marvin N. Appel, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of FT Press.
Book Description
Breakthrough ETF trading and investing strategies: 3 eBooks packed with techniques for reducing your risks and costs—and supercharging your returns!

Three remarkable eBooks help you use the latest ETF strategies to cut your investing costs, control your risks, and improve your returns! In The ETF Trend Following Playbook, Tom Lydon helps you drive superior performance by combining proven trend following strategies, low-cost ETFs, and fully-proven technical analysis methods. You'll discover how to quickly identify markets that are about to plummet, so you can get out of the way... and how to identify markets that are headed up, so you can capture all of their profits. In Buy—Don't Hold, Leslie Masonson shows how to avoid the massive stock-market drops that destroy "buy and hold" investors, and offers specific, easy-to-use investing strategies for investors with each risk profile: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Finally, in Investing with Exchange Traded Funds Made Easy, Marvin Appel cuts through today's ETF marketing hype, helping you choose the right ETFs from the hundreds now available. Drawing on objective data and proven, backtested strategies, Appel reveals what ETFs can and can't do, and shows exactly how to use them to consistently beat the market.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Even You Can Learn Statistics (K/N)

Even You Can Learn Statistics: A Guide for Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afraid of Statistics (Main/UK), by David M. Levine and David F. Stephan, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
The easy, practical, up-to-date introduction to statistics–for everyone! Thought you couldn’t learn statistics? You can–and you will! One easy step at a time, this fully updated book teaches you all the statistical techniques you’ll need for finance, quality, marketing, the social sciences, or anything else! Simple jargon-free explanations help you understand every technique. Practical examples and worked-out problems give you hands-on practice. Special sections present detailed instructions for developing statistical answers, using spreadsheet programs or any TI-83/TI-84 compatible calculator. This edition delivers new examples, more detailed problems and sample solutions, plus an all-new chapter on powerful multiple regression techniques. Hate math? No sweat. You’ll be amazed at how little you need. Like math? Optional “Equation Blackboard” sections reveal the mathematical foundations of statistics right before your eyes!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Book - How to Keep Score in Business (K/N)

Update: 3/13/12 Now free from Barnes & Noble.

How to Keep Score in Business: Accounting and Financial Analysis for the Non-Accountant, by Robert Follett, is free in the Kindle store.
Book Description
In How to Keep Score in Business, Second Edition, long-time CEO Robert Follett shows you exactly how to "keep score" in business by reading and interpreting company financials. Step by step, Follett helps you capture crucial insights buried in balance sheets, income statements, and other key reports. Follett shows how to apply core tools for analyzing financial reports and investment opportunities, and demystifies key accounting terms every business decision-maker and investor needs to know. You'll learn how to uncover a company's true financial position through its balance sheet and income statements–and identify crucial information those documents may not be showing. Follett demonstrates how to use modern ROI tools to evaluate performance or analyze potential investments; how to track ongoing changes in a company's financial position; how to build cash flow budgets for more effective planning; and how to use common analysis ratios (without misusing them). Practical from start to finish, this fully updated book won't transform you into an accountant–but it will help you work more confidently with financial professionals, make smarter business decisions, and choose better investments.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Book - Let's Get Real About Money! (K/N)

Update: 3/8/12 Now free from Barnes & Noble.

Let's Get Real About Money!: Profit from the Habits of the Best Personal Finance Managers, by Eric Tyson, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store.
Book Description
Worried about money? Join the club. Now, do something about it! One of America’s best-selling personal finance authors offers real, practical solutions that work: steps you can take right now to start replacing money anxiety with financial fulfillment and happiness. Eric Tyson gets straight to the point, identifying the habits that put you at risk--and helping you replace them with the habits of financial success. Tyson offers plain-English, no-gimmick techniques you can really use: knowledge you’d have to pay a fortune for, if you could get it at all!

Financial success doesn’t just “happen”: it’s determined by your financial habits. Fortunately, you can develop good financial habits--and systematically eliminate the bad ones that stand in your way. Eric Tyson will show you how--step-by-step and hands-on.

Millions of people have benefited from Tyson’s best-selling books and award-winning columns. Now he brings together all he’s learned over two decades--including financial management secrets most professionals never tell you about.

Tyson will help you organize your finances…take control of your future…make plans you’ll actually implement…save, spend, and invest more effectively…choose the right advisors…reduce your risks…and put money where it belongs in your life (instead of making it your whole life!).
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Book - Global Banking 2020 (K)

The enhanced Kindle Edition with Audio/Video of Global Banking 2020: Foresight & Insights, by Knowledge@Wharton and Ernst & Young, is free in the Kindle store. You can download the text portion (such as it is) to any Kindle device or app, but if you want the embedded video, you'll need both an iThing and a lot of space - this one weighs in at a whopping 500MB! As you might have guessed, you'll also have to download it via WiFi (and be patient while you wait). I haven't watched the video, but from the description it appears to be at least slightly more than an ad for the CPA/consulting firm (and managed to make it to the official Kindle Limited Time Offers list, which implies it is only free for a while).
Book Description
Global banks face a threatening future. Regulations are getting tougher. Competition from emerging markets and non-banking companies is getting stronger. The need to invest in cutting-edge information technology is growing. And some traditional lines of business are shrinking.

What strategies should executives at global banks use to succeed over the next decade?

To answer that question, Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton undertook a year-long scenario-planning process that identified four possible futures: Business as Usual, Financial Issues, New Markets, and Change, Change, Change. For each scenario, they devised key strategies for banks to undertake now. Global Banking 2020: Foresight & Insights is their report, which includes 17 videos and extensive analysis by Wharton faculty, Ernst & Young executives and high-level participants from major banks.

Top executives at global banks will find a wealth of strategies in this video-enhanced ebook that can be used now to identify opportunity in a quickly changing environment, enabling their firms to emerge from a tumultuous period as winners.

Knowledge@Wharton is the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The site, which is free, captures relevant knowledge generated at Wharton and beyond by offering articles and videos based on research, conferences, speakers, books and interviews with faculty and other experts on current business topics. The Knowledge@Wharton network—including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and High School editions—has more than 1.7 million subscribers worldwide. For more information about Knowledge@Wharton, please visit http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu.

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide, our 152,000 people are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. We make a difference by helping our people, our clients and our wider communities achieve their potential. Ernst & Young refers to the global organization of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. For more information about our organization, please visit www.ey.com.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Book - Investing Essentials (K/N)

Update: 2/13/12 Now free in the US Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.

Investing Essentials: What You Need to Know (US/UK), a collection of titles by Harry Domash, is free for UK customers in the Kindle store. It should be free for US Kindle customers by morning.
Book Description
Six short-and-sweet, quick-start investing primers: practical guidance on ETFs, dividend stocks, growth stocks, emerging markets, mutual funds, closed-end funds, and more!

Harry Domash’s six quick-start investing guides give you crucial information for investing profitably in any market environment. Learn what you need to know, without useless theory or number-crunching that doesn’t matter! Includes practical, up-to-the-minute primers on ETFs, emerging markets, dividend stocks, growth stocks, advanced growth stock analysis, and mutual funds/closed-end funds!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Extreme Money (K/N)

Update: 2/13/12 Now free in the US Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.

Extreme Money: Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk (US/UK), by Satyajit Das, is free for UK customers in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher FT Press. It should be free for US Kindle customers by morning.
Book Description
The human race created money and finance: then, our inventions recreated us. In Extreme Money, best-selling author and global finance expert Satyajit Das tells how this happened and what it means. Das reveals the spectacular, dangerous money games that are generating increasingly massive bubbles of fake growth, prosperity, and wealth--while endangering the jobs, possessions, and futures of virtually everyone outside finance.

Extreme Money named to the longlist for the 2011 FT and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year award.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble. Be careful searching on this one, as the full price edition comes up, instead.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Book - Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint (K/N)

Update: 2/11/12 Now free from Barnes & Noble.

Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint: Crushed by Credit and Deceived by Debt — How to Revive the Global Economy, by Tony Crescenzi, is free in the Kindle store.
Book Description
During the Great Depression, legendary British economist Keynes advocated using government money to fill the economic void until consumer spending and business investment recovered. But what happens when governments can't do that anymore? You've arrived at "The Keynesian Endpoint": when the money has run out before the economy has been rescued. That's where we are. Exhausted balance sheets leave policy makers with few viable options to bolster economic growth; increasingly, they point leaders and citizens towards brutal choices that were previously unimaginable. Meanwhile, investors struggle to navigate volatile markets overwhelmed by sovereign debt—and, as they do, they lose tolerance for fiscal recklessness.

In the U.S. and around the world, debt-fueled spending programs devised to cure the global financial crisis are now morphing into poison. In Beyond The Keynesian Endpoint, PIMCO Executive Vice President and market strategist Tony Crescenzi illuminates the mounting sovereign debt crisis, dissects each of the many scenarios now swirling around it, and reveals the profound implications for governments, investors, and the world economy.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nine Free Books from New Word City (K)

There are nine newly free titles from New Word City in the Kindle store today.
  1. Vince Lombardi's Winning Ways
  2. Bill Walsh's Winning Ways
  3. Bear Bryant's Winning Ways
  4. How Lego Built a Comeback
  5. The Man Who Made Pan Am , by Maurice Coyle and Donna Sammons Carpenter
  6. How To Be A Great Professional Services Firm, by Tom Peters (note: this is in the newest Kindle format and may require you to upgrade your device before downloading)
  7. How to Manage Your Debt, by Beverly McKinney
  8. Come On, Get Happy, by Ratha Tep
  9. Eleanor Roosevelt: The People's First Lady, by Willard Sterne Randall and Nancy Nahra

Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Book - The Rules of Money (K/N)

Update: 1/30/12 Now free in the US Kindle store.

The Rules of Money: How to Make It and How to Hold on to It, Expanded Edition (US/UK), by Richard Templar, is free for UK customers in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble. This should be free for US Kindle customers by morning.
Book Description
Money: some people just seem to know how to get it -- and keep it! What's their secret? What do they know that the rest of us don’t? They know the "rules of money": the "golden behaviors" that create wealth and make it grow. Anyone can learn the rules of money. You could learn them by spending years watching rich people up close... or you can learn them all right now, with Richard Templar’s The Rules of Money, Expanded Edition. Templar -- author of The Rules of Life and many other best-sellers -- has brought together 107 easy wealth-generation techniques you can start using instantly! Now updated and expanded with 9 brand new rules, Templar's rules address everything you need to know about money: how to think wealthy, get wealthy, get even wealthier, stay wealthy, and share your wealth. You'll find great up-to-the-minute advice on saving, spending, and investing, and enjoying your money, too. You'll discover why your money beliefs might be holding you back; how to see wealth as a friend, not the enemy; how to make money without compromising your ethics; avoid envy; make a plan; get your current finances under control; master deal-making and negotiation; discover opportunities nobody else sees, and much more. Templar's bite-size advice isn't just fun to read -- it's easy to use, too!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Options for the Beginner and Beyond (K/N)

Update: 1/30/12 Now free in the US Kindle store.

Options for the Beginner and Beyond: Unlock the Opportunities and Minimize the Risks (US/UK), by W. Edward Olmstead, is a repeat freebie for UK customers in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble. This should be free for US Kindle customers by morning.
Book Description
Brief, carefully paced lessons on options and trading strategies using verbal definitions and many trading examples for clarification. Each lesson builds on the one preceding it and explains options in plain English, from start to finish. Step-by-step coverage of controlling risk, protecting your investments -- even advanced strategies other introductory books ignore! Authored by Dr. W. Edward Olmstead, contributing editor to The Spear Report and editor of The Options Professor newsletter.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Free Books from New Word City (K)

There are six newly free titles from New Word City in the Kindle store today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven Free Books from New Word City (K)

There are seven new free titles from New Word City today (and three still free from their earlier promotions). Here are the new titles:
  1. The Real Pirates of the Caribbean, by Colin Woodard
  2. The Making of The Constitution, by Thomas Fleming
  3. George Washington's First Test, by Thomas Fleming
  4. The Story of Flight, by Andrew Curry
  5. Harry Truman Gives 'Em Hell, by Willard Sterne Randall and Nancy Nahra
  6. What You Can Learn from Dwight D. Eisenhower, by Maurice Coyle and Donna Sammons Carpenter
  7. The Wikinomics Way, by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Book - Trading on Corporate Earnings News (K/N)

Trading on Corporate Earnings News: Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Options Positions, by John Shon and Ping Zhou, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
Profit from earnings announcements, by taking targeted, short-term option positions explicitly timed to exploit them! Based on rigorous research and huge data sets, this book identifies the specific earnings-announcement trades most likely to yield profits, and teaches how to make these trades—in plain English, with real examples!

Trading on Corporate Earnings News is the first practical, hands-on guide to profiting from earnings announcements. Writing for investors and traders at all experience levels, the authors show how to take targeted, short-term option positions that are explicitly timed to exploit the information in companies’ quarterly earnings announcements. They first present powerful findings of cutting-edge studies that have examined market reactions to quarterly earnings announcements, regularities of earnings surprises, and option trading around corporate events. Drawing on enormous data sets, they identify the types of earnings-announcement trades most likely to yield profits, based on the predictable impacts of variables such as firm size, visibility, past performance, analyst coverage, forecast dispersion, volatility, and the impact of restructurings and acquisitions. Next, they provide real examples of individual stocks–and, in some cases, conduct large sample tests–to guide investors in taking advantage of these documented regularities. Finally, they discuss crucial nuances and pitfalls that can powerfully impact performance.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Book - Market Upside Down (K/N)

Market Upside Down: How to Invest Profitably in a Shrinking Economy (US/UK), by Vinh Q. Tran, is a repeat freebie on Kindle and from Barnes & Noble
Book Description
The U.S. economic crisis of 2008 isn't over! The next bubble, explosive government debt, is brewing. At the same time, the economy can't generate growth, the treasury is exhausted, the Fed's balance sheet is over-stressed, consumers remain deep in debt, and short-term interest rates are at near-zero. Intelligent investors can't just mourn the death of easy profits: they want and need new strategies for success through history's potentially worst equity market. In Market Upside Down, Dr. Vinh Q. Tran presents those strategies. Tran begins by explaining why the U.S. financial crisis will only get worse. He then provides professional and active investors a comprehensive framework for profiting in an upside down market that could last for decades. Drawing on his market expertise, as well as experience as money manager to institutional and wealthy investors, Tran shows how to build wealth and generate return in times of crisis with a focus on what will matter most in the coming years: liquidity and risk management. Tran helps investors explore global investments and opportunities that won't depend on the troubled U.S. economy or a reinvigorated market soaring, and shows how to profit from the coming age of scarcity. Along the way, he demonstrates how to use fixed income, hedge funds, and non-traditional investments, with minimal equity risks to create a portfolio that is positioned to provide liquidity, profits and importantly to weather future crises.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Book - Be a Dividend Millionaire (K/N)

Be a Dividend Millionaire: A Proven, Low-Risk Approach That Will Generate Income for the Long Term, by Paul Rubillo, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
Millions of investors are struggling to build a nest egg in the face of today’s brutal market realities. For many of them, dividend investing represents the perfect low-risk approach. Over the past 80 years, dividends have accounted for over 44% of the S&P’s total returns. Now, there’s an up-to-date, practical, step-by-step guide to successful dividend investing. In Be a Dividend Millionaire, the founder of Dividend.com delivers all the information you need to invest successfully in dividend stocks and attain long-term financial freedom.

Renowned dividend investing expert Paul Rubillo explains why dividend stock investing is the only long-term strategy that actually works, and offers a start-to-finish plan for achieving real financial stability. You’ll discover: what to do now, before you invest in anything; why asset managers and financial planners won’t help you pick the right dividend stocks; why cash-rich companies aren’t always a good investment; how compounding returns can make you a Dividend Millionaire; why dividend dates matter, and how to use them; how to find safe dividend yields, and avoid “dividend traps;” how to save money by periodically auditing your brokerage account; and when to sell, and how to use stop-loss orders to protect your profits.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Free Book - 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now (K/N/E/P)

Update: 1/10/12 Now free from Sourcebooks and Sony.

20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now, by Ray LeVitre, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
You're in control of Your Retirement Future

Inside are twenty major financial decisions which could profoundly impact your lifestyle over the next forty years. For many retirees, these decisions come as a surprise and must be made hastily without proper consultation. But by reading the expert, commission-free advice in this book, you'll learn how to manage your assets and prepare for the best possible retirement.

  • Do I have enough money to retire now?
  • How will I cover my medical expenses during retirement?
  • When should I begin taking Social Security?
  • How much should I invest in stocks, bonds, and cash?
  • What criteria should I use to identify the best investments?
  • Should I cancel my life insurance policy?
  • Should I pay off my mortgage at retirement?
Ray E. LeVitre is a Certified Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, working for Fidelity, CitiCorp, Mutual of New York, and Merrill Lynch before starting his own firm. He has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Money magazine, Newsweek, and Kiplinger's. A fee-only advisor, Ray does not receive commission from any product or service he recommends.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.
Get the free ebook from Sony.
Get the free ebook from Sourcebooks.