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Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Book - ETF Trading and Investing Strategies (K/N)

Update: 1/6/12 Now free in the Kindle store.

ETF Trading and Investing Strategies ($47.99 Kindle), a collection of titles by Tom Lydon, Leslie N. Masonson and Marvin N. Appel, is free from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of FT Press.
Book Description
Breakthrough ETF trading and investing strategies: 3 eBooks packed with techniques for reducing your risks and costs—and supercharging your returns!

Three remarkable eBooks help you use the latest ETF strategies to cut your investing costs, control your risks, and improve your returns! In The ETF Trend Following Playbook, Tom Lydon helps you drive superior performance by combining proven trend following strategies, low-cost ETFs, and fully-proven technical analysis methods. You'll discover how to quickly identify markets that are about to plummet, so you can get out of the way... and how to identify markets that are headed up, so you can capture all of their profits. In Buy—Don't Hold, Leslie Masonson shows how to avoid the massive stock-market drops that destroy "buy and hold" investors, and offers specific, easy-to-use investing strategies for investors with each risk profile: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Finally, in Investing with Exchange Traded Funds Made Easy, Marvin Appel cuts through today's ETF marketing hype, helping you choose the right ETFs from the hundreds now available. Drawing on objective data and proven, backtested strategies, Appel reveals what ETFs can and can't do, and shows exactly how to use them to consistently beat the market.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Buy and Hedge (K/N)

Buy and Hedge: The 5 Iron Rules for Investing Over the Long Term, by Jay Pestrichelli and Wayne Ferbert, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
If you're trying to build wealth, sharp market downturns are your worst enemy. And nowadays, they're happening far more often: in the last 18 years, the S&P 500 has experienced sixteen violent declines. Institutions and professional investors have mastered powerful hedging techniques for dramatically reducing the risks of market volatility. Now, you can do it, too--and you can't afford not to. In Buy and Hedge, two leading investment experts show how to apply hedging as part of a long-term program for growing and preserving your assets. CNBC Fast Money guest Jay Pestrichelli and seasoned financial industry veteran Wayne Ferbert show how to systematically protect yourself against violent downward moves while giving your portfolio maximum room to run in upward markets. The authors' techniques are easy to use, can be applied to most investment vehicles, and--once implemented--require surprisingly little "care and feeding." You'll discover how to take advantage of the hedge-building mechanisms built into low-cost index funds… invest in your ideas with confidence, because you've hedged the downside… systematically manage portfolios for risk as well as return… master and apply the "5 Iron Rules of Buy & Hedge"… use options to manage risk, not to create excess leverage… generate more dividends… effectively manage cash… and much more!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Free Book - Saving for Retirement ... (K/N)

Saving for Retirement without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery, by Gail MarksJarvis, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
Drawn from responses to questions from over 20,000 readers of the author’s personal finance columns.

Over the years, Chicago Tribune financial columnist Gail MarksJarvis has taken the time to listen and respond to thousands of her readers about the issues, questions, and concerns that are most important to them. Saving and investing for retirement has never been more important...and with this book, it’s never been clearer what you need to do and how to do it.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/nook) - Even You Can Learn Statistics

Even You Can Learn Statistics: A Guide for Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afraid of Statistics, by David M. Levine and David F. Stephan, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
The easy, practical, up-to-date introduction to statistics–for everyone! Thought you couldn’t learn statistics? You can–and you will! One easy step at a time, this fully updated book teaches you all the statistical techniques you’ll need for finance, quality, marketing, the social sciences, or anything else! Simple jargon-free explanations help you understand every technique. Practical examples and worked-out problems give you hands-on practice. Special sections present detailed instructions for developing statistical answers, using spreadsheet programs or any TI-83/TI-84 compatible calculator. This edition delivers new examples, more detailed problems and sample solutions, plus an all-new chapter on powerful multiple regression techniques. Hate math? No sweat. You’ll be amazed at how little you need. Like math? Optional “Equation Blackboard” sections reveal the mathematical foundations of statistics right before your eyes!
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/EPUB) - Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Update: 12/13/11 Now free from Sony. Still full price at B&N, so nook readers should grab the vanilla EPUB and side-load it.

Money, Possessions, and Eternity, by Randy Alcorn, is free on Kindle, courtesy of Christian publisher Tyndale House. So far, it's full price at Barnes & Noble, but it should drop there in a day or so (athough sometimes B&N chooses not to participate in these freebies).
Book Description
What does the Bible really say about money? This completely revised and updated version of the classic best-seller provides a Christian perspective about money and material possessions based on the author's painstaking study of the Bible. Randy Alcorn uses the Scriptures to approach this often touchy subject head-on. Thought-provoking arguments challenge readers to rethink their attitudes and use their God-given resources in ways that will have an eternal impact. Alcorn deals straightforwardly with issues of materialism, stewardship, prosperity theology, debt, and more. An excellent choice for group study as well as individual financial guidance. Includes a study guide, indexes, and appendixes with additional resources.
Get the free ebook from Sony.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/nook) - 15 Expert Lessons for Retirement Planning

15 Expert Lessons for Retirement Planning, a collection of business shorts from FT Press, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.
Book Description
Everything you need to know to build a financially secure retirement, starting today!

These 15 concise, expert, easy-to-use mini-guides cover every aspect of retirement financial planning! Systematically reduce your retirement risk… save more wisely… protect IRAs and 401(k)s…assess where you stand, and what Social Security will and won’t deliver… decide when to retire… budget and plan for life after retirement… and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, includingMoshe Milevsky, Trent Hamm, Liz Pulliam Weston, Bonnie Kirchner, Jane White, Frank Armstrong, III, Paul B. Brown, James Walker, and Linda Lewis.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Book (Kindle) - The Myth of the Garage

The Myth of the Garage, by Dan Heath and Chip Heath, is free to pre-order in the Kindle store.
Book Description
From Chip and Dan Heath, the bestselling authors of Switch and Made to Stick, comes The Myth of the Garage: And Other Minor Surprises, a collection of the authors’ best columns for Fast Company magazine — 16 pieces in all, plus a previously unpublished piece entitled “The Future Fails Again.”

In Myth, the Heath brothers tackle some of the most (and least) important issues in the modern business world:
  • Why you should never buy another mutual fund (“The Horror of Mutual Funds”)
  • Why your gut may be more ethical than your brain (“In Defense of Feelings”)
  • How to communicate with numbers in a way that changes decisions (“The Gripping Statistic”)
  • Why the “Next Big Thing” often isn’t (“The Future Fails Again”)
  • Why you may someday pay $300 for a pair of socks (“The Inevitability of $300 Socks”)
  • And 12 others . . . Punchy, entertaining, and full of unexpected insights, the collection is the perfect companion for a short flight (or a long meeting).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free Book Roundup

This post is a little different from my usual free book postings. There are a number of books that have been free in the past, went back up in price and have dropped once again, some of them that have been free very recently, others quite some time ago. In addition, there are a number of mini-books that I've been ignoring, which I'm going to group together by type. I know a lot of people avoid the mini-books or the subject matter doesn't interest everyone, so I won't include full descriptions on each of these. If you are new to the blog, you might find one or two good ones to pick up, especially at the top of the post.

An Unwanted Hunger, the first novel in the Soul of V’Kar series by Ciana Stone, is a repeat from last year, courtesy of Ellora's Cave.
Book Description
Passion this strong is dangerous. They both know it. Mortal enemies, their respective factions have been at war since the dawn of man. Resa is a Dhampir, bred and trained to hunt Vampyres. Constantine is a prince among the Vampyre, the oldest and most lethal.Nothing good can come of this hunger, this need that drives them relentlessly toward one another. Neither reason nor devotion to duty can stay their need. There is but one way to quench the thirst that drives them. Once sated, they can return to the battle and see which one, if either, is left standing.But one drink from the cup of desire serves only to magnify the hunger. One act of lust that could alter them forever, changing the course of destiny.

The Golden Acorn (The Adventures of Jack Brenin), by Catherine Cooper, was free for some time and many of us picked up the second in the series for 99 cents. If you are in that group, you may want to get Silver Hill, which was released this week
Book Description
When Jack Brenin finds a golden acorn lying in the grass, little does he know that it is the beginning of a thrilling and magical adventure. Just an ordinary boy, Jack has been chosen for a hugely important task, and enters a world he believed only existed in legend. Full of twists and turns, talking ravens and mischievous Spriggans, 'The Golden Acorn' is a hugely entertaining and exciting tale from a very talented new author. Your kids will love it, and so will you! This brilliant story deservedly won the Brit Writers' Awards 2010 for unpublished writers. Jack’s adventures continue in 'Glasruhen Gate' and 'Silver Hill'.

Sasha: A Trial of Blood and Steel Book One, by Joel Shepherd, was first free in the summer and only had a brief absence from the lists.
Book Description
SASHA IS A FIGHTER, THE LIKE OF WHICH THE HIGHLAND COUNTRY OF LENAYIN HAS NEVER SEEN.Spurning her royal heritage to be raised by the great warrior, Kessligh, her exquisite swordplay astonishes all who witness it. But Sasha is still young, untested in battle and often led by her rash temper. In the complex world of Lenayin loyalties, her defiant wilfulness is attracting the wrong kind of attention. sxLenayin is a land almost divided by its two faiths: the Verenthane of the ruling classes and the pagan Goeren-yai, amongst whom Sasha now lives. The Goeren-yai worship swordplay and honour and begin to see Sasha as the great spirit—the Synnich—who will unite them. But Sasha is still searching for what she believes and must choose her side carefully. When the Udalyn people—the symbol of Goeren-yai pride and courage—are attacked, Sasha will face her moment of testing. How will she act? Is she ready to lead? Can she be the saviour they need her to be?

If at First . . . (Short Story), by Peter F. Hamilton, was also first free the summer.
Book Description
Peter F. Hamilton has proven himself a modern master of epic space opera, carrying the tradition of far-future empire building begun by Heinlein and Asimov into the new millennium. But Hamilton is also a master of the short story, and when he tackles one of science fiction’s most enduring themes—time travel—the result is as provocative as it is entertaining. It starts in 2007 with a break-in. The victim: Marcus Orthew, the financial and technological genius behind Orthanics, the computer company whose radical products have delivered a one-two punch to the industry, all but knocking PCs and Macs out of the ring. The perpetrator: a man obsessed with Orthew. Just another simple case of celebrity stalking—or so everyone assumes at first, including Metropolitan Police Chief Detective David Lanson. But when Lanson interviews the suspect, he makes a startling claim: Orthew is from the future. Or, rather, a future—a parallel timeline. Thus begins the ride of a lifetime for Lanson, as his pursuit of the facts tumbles him headlong down a rabbit hole—and the hunter finds himself hunted.

The Last Drop, by L. Sprague de Camp and L. Ron Hubbard, was first free in the summer of 2010.
Book Description
A humorous tale about a New York bartender who receives mysteriously special potions from Borneo which can make people grow or shrink depending on which one they drink. When our hero uses the potion to deal with some unfriendly mobsters, the results are comic and riotously unpredictable—including an unexpected run-in with a dogfish.

Fatal Destiny, a Fatal novella by Marie Force, was free last month.
Book Description
With the week of their wedding finally upon them, Washington, D.C., Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her fiancé, Senator Nick Cappuano, are at odds. In the aftermath of a tragic loss, they struggle to reconnect as the big day draws near, but their work keeps pulling them apart. When a new clue into a cold case surfaces, Nick asks Sam not to take any foolish chances before the wedding and to leave it alone for the time being.

Sam agrees, but she can't let it go entirely and winds up trapped in an explosive situation. Then an unwelcome visitor from her past threatens her future happiness… With trouble at every turn, will Sam survive long enough to walk down the aisle?

Hidden by Blood (A Sweetblood Novella), by Laurie London, repeats from the summer.
Book Description
Deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, two vampire coalitions battle for supremacy--Guardians who safeguard humanity and Darkbloods, rogues who will stop at nothing to satisfy their craving for the sweetest of human blood.

Now, former Army Ranger Finn McKentry finds himself imprisoned as a blood slave, forced to submit to an enemy more powerful than any he's encountered before. Only Brenna Stewart, the woman he'd loved and lost, can set him free--but the secret she harbors might lead them down the most dangerous path of all...

Code Blue, by Richard Mabry, repeats from last year, courtesy of Christian publisher Abingdon Press.
Book Description
In the first book of the Prescription for Trouble series, “Code Blue” means more to Dr. Cathy Sewell than the cardiac emergency she has to face. It describes her mental state as she finds that coming back to her hometown hasn’t brought her the peace she so desperately needs. Instead, it’s clear that someone there wants her gone…or dead.Cathy returns to her hometown seeking healing after a broken relationship, but discovers that among her friends and acquaintances is someone who wants her out of town…or dead. Lawyer Will Kennedy, her high school sweetheart, offers help, but does it carry a price tag? Is hospital chief of staff Dr. Marcus Bell really on her side in her fight to get hospital privileges? Is Will’s father, Pastor Matthew Kennedy, interested in advising her or just trying to get her back to the church she left years ago? When one of Cathy’s prescriptions almost kills the town banker, it sets the stage for a malpractice suit that could end her time in town, if not her career. It’s soon clear that this return home was a prescription for trouble.

The Dead Saint (Bishop Lynn Peterson), by Marilyn Brown Oden, repeats from this spring, courtesy of Christian publisher Abingdon Press.
Book Description
It begins with a single gunshot, and Bishop Lynn Peterson watches in horror as a good friend, who is a member of the New Orleans Saints, collapses on the street.When a medal the player wore—a medal Lynn had promised to return to the man's family—disappears, Lynn is thrust into a suspenseful and fast-moving journey through four assassinations, an attempt on her life, conflicts with a mysterious and ancient society, and a behind-the-scenes conspiracy that reaches all the way to the White House.The turbulent, unstoppable intrigue challenges Lynn mentally, physically, and spiritually as she engages in a desperate battle with an opponent who is just as determined to kill as Lynn is to stop him even though she has no idea where—or who—he will strike next.

Shrouded in Silence, by Robert L. Wise, also repeats from this spring, courtesy of Christian publisher Abingdon Press.
Book Description
Determined to find an answer, Jack and Michelle Townsend set out on a quest to find the original ending to the Gospel of Mark.Following ancient clues, they head for Rome, but what starts out as a scholarly search turns violent as two separate groups strive to stop the Townsends, plunging their quiet research into chaos.After a bomb destroys their office, the Townsends are pushed to the limits of their determination and commitment to God’s will. Can faith in God’s purposes endure in a swirl of conspiracy and espionage that brings the couple to the brink of death?

Sweet Baklava, by Debby Mayne, repeats from late winter, courtesy of Christian publisher Abingdon Press.
Book Description
After years of looking for a place to belong, Paula Andrews finally finds her niche in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Her soap and candle shop flourishes, and her friendship with the Papadopoulos family gives her the love and support she never got from her own family.The only thing missing is a romance—or in the grand hopes of the Papadopoulos family, a proper marriage. Preferably with Nick, their favorite son, currently serving in the Air Force. Paula, however, has doubts. After all, he’s been gone a long time and loves flying. Their lives have grown apart. Would he still feel anything for her?When Nick comes home on leave, sparks fly, and not just with Paula. Nick's father wants him home, helping with the family sponge-diving business. His mother wants him back in the family, back in church. Nick just wants Paula . . . and the Air Force.So who’s going to give in first? And what will it mean for their love and future?

Finding the Top Stocks: Strategies for Success Top Stocks 2012, by Martin Roth, is a mini-book companion to Top Stocks 2012: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies.
Book Description
For the first time, Top Stocks 2012, the 18th edition of the bestselling Australian share market bible, comes with a free e-book companion, Finding the Top Stocks—Strategies for Success. A short guide, also written by respected financial journalist Martin Roth, Finding the Top Stocks—Strategies for Success examines eight strategies and market theories and indicates how you can use Top Stocks 2012 to take advantage of these strategies.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents - 10 Summertime Treats, by Dinah Bucholz, is a repeat from summer.
Book Description
It's summertime and the weather is just right to sit back and relax with a nice, cool . . . pumpkin juice! With July comes backyard barbecues, long afternoons by the pool, and Harry's birthday of course! Celebrate this magical time with The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: 10 Summertime Treats. This free eBook includes 10 decadent treats guaranteed to provide sweet relief from the sultry summertime heat. From icy juices to cool, melt-in-your-mouth sundaes, this summer you can conjure a dessert fit for Hogwarts Hall!

Superheroes: The Best of Philosophy and Pop Culture, by William Irwin, repeats from the summer.
Book Description
Explore the philosophical depths of Batman, Superman, Captain America, and your other favorite superheroes—FOR FREE!

Behind the cool costumes, special powers, and unflagging determination to fight evil you’ll find fascinating philosophical questions and concerns deep in the hearts and minds of your favorite comic book heroes.

Why doesn't Batman just kill the Joker and end everyone's misery? Does Peter Parker have a good life? What can Iron Man teach us about the role of technology in society? Bringing together key chapters from books in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, this free superhero sampler engages the intellectual might of big thinkers like Aristotle and Kant to answer these questions and many others, giving you new insights on everything from whether Superman is truly an American icon to whether Wolverine is the same person when he loses his memory.

Secrets Uncovered - Blogs, hints and the inside scoop, by Mills & Boon editors and authors, is mostly samples, but also includes some original material. This is a UK Romance version of what Macmillan is doing with their (free) Tor/Forge Author Voices series, which is now up to three volumes.
Book Description
Blogs, hints and the inside scoop from Mills & Boon editors and authors. Our fabulous authors and editors have joined forces to compile some of the highlights from this years New Voices competition advice, last years help and some handy Mills & Boon Community posts from the last year! You can refer to the words of wisdom from those in the know at your leisure whilst also enjoying some of our editors brilliant blog posts on making the most of your romance writing!

On the education front, there are two titles from Andrew S Rosen that are sections of a larger title, Change.edu: Rebooting for the New Talent Economy: Club College: Why So Many Universities Look Like Resorts and Harvard Envy: Why Too Many Colleges Overshoot. You might want to take a look if you (or a child) is starting college sometime soon. To help get ready for admissions to graduate school, also look at Kaplan New GRE: An Introduction to the GRE Revised General Test, which highlights the changes this test has recently undergone.

From publisher O'Reilly, there are a number of free titles, with three general themes: computer science topics, new computer languages and computer book bibliographies. Don't dismiss this latter as just catalogs of their books - putting together such lists is something many serious scholars do, before getting to writing their own titles and with so many books out in some areas, having a bibliography can help new students when studying a new language. Some of these are new to the blog, as I've been letting them accumulate for a post; others are repeats, which I'm including for completeness. Also, if you prefer EPUB format, you should be able to find all of them free on O'Reilly's website.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Deals and Bargain Books

A few updates on books now free in the US for Kindle customers (and one for nookers and from iTunes).
Today's the last day for these deals:

The Last Worthless Evening: Four Novellas and Two Short Stories ($1.99), by Andre Dubus, is today's Kindle Deal of the Day.
Book Description
Yet another tour de force from an American master of fiction

In his fifth collection of short fiction, Andre Dubus exhibits his remarkable storytelling range. In “Deaths at Sea,” two naval officers, one black and one white, must come to terms with a history and an institution steeped in racism. “After the Game” tells the story of a Hispanic shortstop on a major-league baseball team who suddenly and without explanation loses his mind. And in “Rose,” a mother finally stands up to her husband’s abuse of their children.

The four novellas and two short stories that comprise The Last Worthless Evening traverse those facets of American life that are at the same time cruel and commonplace, and with spare, immediate prose, render them universal.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Andre Dubus including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.

Boom Boom 80 Essential Tracks, by John Lee Hooker, is a great deal for blues fans at $6.99. All total, there is over 4 hours of music on this album. Digging around a bit, I also uncovered Lightnin Hopkins - Blues Essentials (55 Tracks) and Oscar Peterson - 85 Essential Tracks (jazz piano), at the same price, along with an Everly Brothers and a couple of Billie Holiday compilations when searching for Essential Tracks albums.

Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology ($2.99), by Cynthia Eden, Liz Kreger, Dale Mayer, Michelle Miles, et al.
Book Description
Ghosts, vampires, demons, and more! Entangled includes ten suspense-filled paranormal short stories from authors Cynthia Eden, Jennifer Estep, Edie Ramer, Lori Brighton, Michelle Diener, Misty Evans, Nancy Haddock, Liz Kreger, Dale Mayer, and Michelle Miles, plus a Seven Deadly Sins novella by Allison Brennan.

Stacia Kane contributed the foreword. Formatting and cover art were also donated to the project by Lori Devoti and Laura Morrigan.

All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Stories include:

HALLOWEEN FROST by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Estep (author of the Mythos Academy, Elemental Assassin, and Bigtime series) — It's Halloween at Mythos Academy, but Gwen Frost and her friends are in for more tricks than treats when they run into a mythological monster intent on killing them.

THE FAT CAT by Edie Ramer (author of Cattitude, Galaxy Girls) — In a battle for the souls of seven women, a wizard has the god of war on his side; all the witch has is a fat, black cat.

MEDIUM RARE by Nancy Haddock (author of the Oldest City Vampire trilogy) —What’s spooking the spirits of St. Augustine? As the witching hour of Halloween approaches, ghost seer Colleen Cotton must team with a by-the-book paranormal investigator to locate the one ghost who can save the city’s specters. If she fails, her own great grandfather’s spirit may be lost forever.

SWEET DEMON by Misty Evans (author of the Witches Anonymous series) —When Chicago’s vampire king insists Kali Sweet join his empire, the vengeance demon must rely on her ex – the half-human, half-chaos demon who left her at the altar three hundred years ago – in order to escape the vamp’s clutches.

SIAN’S SOLUTION by Dale Meyer (author of the Psychic Visions series) — When a vampire discovers the human man she loves has been captured and hung in a blood farm, she goes against her own kind and risks everything to save him.

A BIT OF BITE by Cynthia Eden (author of NEVER CRY WOLF and ANGEL OF DARKNESS) — A killer is stalking the streets of Crossroads, Mississippi, and it's up to Sheriff Ava Dushaine to stop him. But when suspicion falls on werewolf alpha Julian Kasey—Ava’s ex-lover and the man who still haunts her dreams—Ava knows that she'll either have to prove his innocence...or watch the whole town go up in flames.

SINFULLY SWEET by Michelle Miles (author of the Coffee House series) — When Chloe bakes a little magic into her pastries, she attracts the attention of Edward, the sexy half-demon, half-witch, who’s come to warn her those who murdered her sister are now after her.

A NIGHT OF FOREVER by Lori Brighton (author of A Night of Secrets and To Seduce an Earl) — Who is Aidan Callaghan? Mary Ellen James is intent on uncovering the truth about the mysterious man, but as she soon finds out, some things are best left buried in the past.

FEEL THE MAGIC by Liz Kreger (author of the Part of Tomorrow series) — Jenna Carmichael’s magical attempt to rectify Jessica Manfield’s birth identity takes an unexpected turn when the past comes back to haunt her.

BREAKING OUT by Michelle Diener (author of the Tudor-set historical suspense novel In A Treacherous Court) — Imprisoned in a secret facility, powerful telekinetic Kelli Barrack and two other 'special' inmates grab a chance to escape, only to confront their worst nightmares on the outside.

GHOSTLY JUSTICE, an all-new Seven Deadly Sins novella by New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan (author of the Seven Deadly Sins series) — Demon hunters Moira O’Donnell and Rafe Cooper are dragged into the dangerous world of nocturnal predators to find “Ghostly Justice” for a virgin sacrificed to an ancient blood demon.

Let's Roll ($3.99), by Lisa Beamer, is a 2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner.
Book Description
The best-seller that has brought comfort and hope to millions in the wake of 9/11 is now available in softcover! Let's Roll!—the moving, behind-the-scenes story of United Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer and his widow, Lisa—is so much more than a tribute. A message of character, courage, and undeniable faith in the face of horrifying tragedy, it encourages anyone who reads it to live real life right now . . . and to have confidence and hope for the future.

No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller ($3.78), by Harry Markopolos
Book Description
Harry Markopolos and his team of financial sleuths discuss first-hand how they cracked the Madoff Ponzi scheme

No One Would Listen is the exclusive story of the Harry Markopolos-lead investigation into Bernie Madoff and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. While a lot has been written about Madoff's scam, few actually know how Markopolos and his team-affectionately called "The Fox Hounds" by Markopolos himself, uncovered what Madoff was doing years before this financial disaster reached its pinnacle. Unfortunately, no one listened, until the damage of the world's largest financial fraud ever was irreversible.

Since that time, Markopolos openly has testified and questioned the enforcement and fraud investigation capabilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), shared a sliver of this page-turning story with 60 Minutes, and become perhaps the world's most visible and insightful whistleblower on fraud and conflicts of interest in financial markets.

Throughout the book, Markopolos and his Fox Hounds tell their first-hand story of investigating Madoff-with the help of bestselling author David Fisher. They explain how they discovered the fraud, and then how they provided credible and detailed evidence to major newspapers and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) many times between 2000 and 2008, only to have his warnings ignored repeatedly by the SEC.

One Tuesday Morning / Beyond Tuesday Morning Compilation Limited Edition: WITH Beyond Tuesday Morning (9/11) ($9.99), by Karen Kingsbury, is a two-volume compilation.
Book Description
Based on the tragedy of the Twin Towers ... twopowerful novels of heroism, loss, and redemption by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury

The last thing Jake Bryan knew was the sound of the World Trade Center collapsing on top of him and his fellow firefighters. The man in the hospital bed remembers nothing. Not rushing with his teammates up the stairway of the south tower to help trapped victims. Not being blasted from the building. And not the woman sitting by his bedside who says she is his wife. Jamie Bryan will do anything to help her beloved husband regain his memory. But that means helping Jake rediscover the one thing Jamie has never shared with him: his deep faith in God.

Determined to find meaning in her grief three years after the terrorist attacks on New York City, FDNY widow Jamie Bryan pours her life into volunteer work at a small memorial chapel across from where the Twin Towers once stood. There, unsure and feeling somehow guilty, Jamie opens herself to the possibility of love again. But, in the face of a staggering revelation, only the persistence of a tenacious man, questions from Jamie's curious daughter, and words from her dead husband's journal can move Jamie beyond one Tuesday morning ... toward life.

Donald Miller Greatest Hits: Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What, Through Painted Deserts ($8.99), by Donald Miller, gives you three full books in one volume and at less cost than just one of the titles as a stand-alone Kindle edition.
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality ($8.54 alone)
"I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn't resolve. . . . I used to not like God because God didn't resolve. But that was before any of this happened." In Donald Miller's early years, he was vaguely familiar with a distant God. But when he came to know Jesus Christ, he pursued the Christian life with great zeal. Within a few years he had a successful ministry that ultimately left him feeling empty, burned out, and, once again, far away from God. In this intimate, soul-searching account, Miller describes his remarkable journey back to a culturally relevant, infinitely loving God.

Through Painted Deserts ($9.99 alone)
Fueled by the belief that something better exists than the mundane life they've been living, free spirits Don and Paul set off on an adventure-filled road trip in search of deeper meaning, beauty, and an explanation for life. Many young men dream of such a trip, but few are brave enough to actually attempt it. Fewer still have the writing skills of Donald Miller, who records the trip with wide-eyed honesty in achingly beautiful prose. In this completely revised edition, he discusses everything from the nature of friendship, the reason for pain, and the origins of beauty.

As they travel from Texas to Oregon in Paul's cantankerous Volkswagen van, the two friends encounter a variety of fascinating people, witness the fullness of nature's splendor, and learn unexpected lessons about themselves, each other, and even God.

Searching for God Knows What ($8.54 alone)
In Searching for God Knows What, Donald Miller's provocative and funny book, he shows readers that the greatest desire of every person is the desire for redemption. Every person is constantly seeking redemption (or at least the feeling of it) in his or her life, believing countless gospels that promise to fix the brokenness. Typically their pursuits include the desire for fulfilling relationships, successful careers, satisfying religious systems, status, and escape. Miller reveals how the inability to find redemption leads to chaotic relationships, self-hatred, the accumulation of meaningless material possessions, and a lack of inner peace. Readers will learn to identify in themselves and within others the universal desire for redemption. They will discover that the gospel of Jesus is the only way to find meaning in life and true redemption. Mature believers as well as seekers and new Christians will find themselves identifying with the narrative journey unfolded in the book, which is simply the pursuit of redemption.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Kindle App - Finance Manager

Finance Manager (Financial Tools for Kindle) ($1.99), by SwashApps, is a new App in the Kindle store. I'm not sure how much I'd use the calculator portion, but the calendar section looks pretty interesting (although if you use it, be sure to activate the password on your Kindle).
Book Description
Finance Manager is a financial calculator and financial calendar for your Kindle.

The financial calculator has 12 commonly used financial calculators including fixed and variable rate mortgages, term deposits with simple and compounding interest, regular deposit, monthly income deposits, and a credit card payment calculator to help you in evaluating your financial options. A unique feature of these calculators is evaluation of the impact of inflation on your finances over the tenure of your mortgage or investment.

Finance Manager also has a financial calendar on which you can schedule alerts. For example, you can add the amortization schedule from the financial calculator to the Calendar as a series of alerts. You can also create your own custom alerts with various recurrence options: Once only, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Yearly and Yearly. To make staying on top of things easy, you can check daily, weekly, or monthly alerts in your financial calendar.

When will you be a Millionaire? Get Finance Manager and use the 'When will I be A Millionaire?' calculator to find out! Use Finance Manager to help you get and stay on top of your finances.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/nook) - Living Rich by Spending Smart

Living Rich by Spending Smart: How to Get More of What You Really Want, by Gregory Karp, is a repeat freebie on Kindle and at B&N. The edition at Amazon, though, has been updated, so grab it again if you want the new formatting.

Book Description
As The Millionaire Next Door revealed, building wealth isn’t just about working harder or what you choose to invest in: it’s about spending smarter. Now, award-winning Tribune Company personal finance columnist Gregory Karp shows how to do just that.

This book isn’t about depriving yourself. Instead, Gregory Karp shows how to build real, long-lasting wealth by plugging the money leaks you’re barely aware of and making sure you spend with a purpose.

Karp’s surprisingly painless techniques will help you eliminate wasteful spending in every area of your financial life. You’ll discover how to focus spending on what you really care about...spend less on gifts without becoming a cheapskate...slash your phone bill...pay less for food and still eat what you want...eliminate spending...

Click HERE to get the free download from B&N.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/nook) - Investor's Library

Investor's Library: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Income Investing , by Harry Domash, Michael N. Kahn, Marvin Appel and Marvin N. Appel, a collection of titles from FT Press, is free in the Kindle store. The list price of $58 (and the description as a "bargain") is no doubt based upon the individual titles list prices of over $20. Realistically, though, you are getting $30 of finance titles for free, since the individual titles are selling for about $9.99 each.

Book Description
A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

Three outstanding investing guides packed with strategies for reducing costs and improving returns in today’s tough investment environment.

Three books packed with wealth-building, cost-cutting help for today’s investors and markets. Don’t pay someone to pick stocks! Do it better yourself, with Harry Domash’s #1 guide to stock analysis! Next, Michael Kahn completely demystifies technical analysis and shows you exactly how to apply it--easily, painlessly, profitably. Then, Marvin Appel helps you use bonds and income-producing equity strategies to meet your income needs without unacceptable risk. Advice you’ll use, from experts you can trust!

Click HERE to get the free download from B&N.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Book (Kindle/nook) - Living Rich by Spending Smart

Living Rich by Spending Smart: How to Get More of What You Really Want, by Gregory Karp, is free on Kindle and at B&N for the nook. This was free for the Kindle last October.

Book Description
As The Millionaire Next Door revealed, building wealth isn’t just about working harder or what you choose to invest in: it’s about spending smarter. Now, award-winning Tribune Company personal finance columnist Gregory Karp shows how to do just that.

This book isn’t about depriving yourself. Instead, Gregory Karp shows how to build real, long-lasting wealth by plugging the money leaks you’re barely aware of and making sure you spend with a purpose.

Karp’s surprisingly painless techniques will help you eliminate wasteful spending in every area of your financial life. You’ll discover how to focus spending on what you really care about...spend less on gifts without becoming a cheapskate...slash your phone bill...pay less for food and still eat what you want...eliminate spending...

Click HERE to get the free download from B&N.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Book (PDF) - The Elements of Investing

The Elements of Investing ($9.89 Kindle), by Charles D. Ellis and Burton G. Malkiel, both former Vanguard board members, is free courtesy of Vanguard (the investing company); it appears that this was supposed to be for their Vanguard Flagship Services members only, but the links are out in the open and no login is required.

Book Description
A timeless, easy-to-read guide on life-long investment principles that can help any investor succeed

The Elements of Investing has a single-minded goal: to teach the principles of investing in the same pared-to-bone manner that Professor William Strunk Jr. once taught composition to students at Harvard, using his classic little book, The Elements of Style. With great daring, Ellis and Malkiel imagined their own Little Red Schoolhouse course in investing for every investor around the world-and then penned this book.

The Elements of Investing hacks away at all the overtrading and over thinking so predominant in the hyperactive thought patterns of the average investor. Malkiel and Ellis offer investors a set of simple but powerful thoughts on how to challenge Mr. Market at his own game, and win by not losing. All the need-to-know rules and investment principles can be found here.

  • Contains sound investment advice and simple principles of investing from two of the most respected individuals in the investment world
  • Burton G. Malkiel is the bestselling author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Charles D. Ellis is the bestselling author of Winning the Loser's Game
  • Shows how to deal with an investor's own worst enemies: fear and greed
A disciplined approach to investing, complemented by conviction, is all you need to succeed. This timely guide will help you develop these skills and make the most of your time in today's market.

Click HERE to open the download page (or get there from the Vanguard offer page), then click Download at the bottom of the page. A PDF file will open in the same window, which you can then save.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Book (PDF) - Debt Free For Life

David Bach's just released Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial Freedom ($9.68 Kindle) is available free, in PDF form, today only, from Walletpop.

Book Description

Most of us grew up with the idea that there is good debt and there is bad debt. Good debts are generally considered to be debts you incur to buy things that can go up in value—like a home or college education. Bad debts are things like credit card balances, where you borrowed money to buy things that depreciate or go down in value, like most consumer goods.

But as America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, points out, in difficult times there is no such thing as good debt. There is only debt. And all debt is too expensive—if what you desire is FREEDOM! In fact, Bach believes the best investment you can make today is to pay down your debt, faster and smarter than you have ever attempted before—starting today!

In Debt Free for Life, #1 New York Times bestselling author David Bach has written his most groundbreaking and important book since The Automatic Millionaire, giving us the knowledge, the tools, and the mindset we need to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom— forever! Offering a revolutionary approach to personal finance that teaches you how to pay down your debt and adopt a whole new way of living – debt free. Bach unveils the Debt Wise program that empowers you to pare down your debt automatically. You’ll learn how to calculate your Debt Freedom Day – the actual date you will be completely free of debt. And you’ll discover that when you are debt free, you need a lot less money to live on. You can retire, even with a smaller nest egg -- perhaps earlier than you expected.

David Bach has coached millions to pay off their debt and now he can guide you. Whether you have home loans, student loans, car loans, credit card debt—paying down your debt is truly a game you can win, if you know the rules. Debt Free For Life will teach you the rules and give you the tools to buy back your freedom.

Click HERE to get to the Walletpop website, then click on one of the banners there to download the PDF. The banners are gone, but you can try the direct link, although it could stop working at any time.

This is a DRM-free PDf, so you should be able to load it onto your Kindle as is or convert it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Book (Sony) - Money Girl's 10 Steps to a Debt-Free Life

Money Girl's 10 Steps to a Debt-Free Life ($3.99 Kindle), by Laura D. Adams, is free in the Sony ebookstore (DRM'd EPUB format). If it shows up free in the Kindle store, I'll post an update. This one is fairly short, only 48KB, so I'd expect something like a business short (or the new Amazon Single) from it.

Book Description
Does the stress of your mounting debt keep you up at night? If you dread opening your monthly credit card statements, Money Girl’s 10 Steps to a Debt Free Life is for you. Laura Adams, host of the top-rated Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life podcast, takes you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do get out of debt and stay there.

Laura’s 10 steps will give you the guidance you need to deal with all kinds of debt, from credit card and medical bills, to mortgages and car loans. She’ll help you assess your current financial situation and create a personalized plan you can live with. You’ll learn which debts to pay off first and will get tips on negotiating with creditors and paying off bills faster. Laura’s advice on boosting your credit score, cutting costs, and saving money will help you lay the groundwork for a debt-free, happier life. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make simple changes that will have a big impact on your financial health.

Laura Adams explains everything in the informative, practical voice that her legions of followers have come to appreciate in the Money Girl podcast. Her Money Girl’s 10 Steps to a Debt Free Life will give you the knowledge you need to take control of your finances and create a more secure financial future. You will owe less, own more, and rest easier.

Click HERE to get the free book

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bargain Book Roundup, Part IV

The bargain book roundup for this month continues, this time with non-fiction and humor. These change price frequently and drastically, to check the prices at Amazon before one-clicking. Several that were under $2 last week are anywhere from $10 to $15 this week (so didn't make the roundup).

Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade ($2.15), by Rachel Louise Snyder

Book Description
Rachel Louise Snyder reports from the far reaches of the multi-billion-dollar denim industry in search of the people who make your clothes. From a cotton picker in Azerbaijan to a Cambodian seamstress, a denim maker in Italy to a fashion designer in New York, Snyder captures the human, environmental, and political forces at work in a complex and often absurd world. Neither polemic nor prescription, Fugitive Denim captures what it means to work in the twenty-first century.

Mike Bloomberg ($2.60), by Joyce Purnick

Book Description
Michael Bloomberg is not only New York City's 108th mayor; he is a business genius and self-made billionaire. He has run the toughest city in America with an independence and show of ego that first brought him great success-and eventually threatened it. Yet while Bloomberg is internationally known and admired, few people know the man behind the carefully crafted public persona.

Hope Leslie: Catharine Maria Sedgwick ($3.79), edited by Mary Kelley

Book Description
Set in seventeenth-century New England, Hope Leslie (1827) portrays early American life and celebrates the role of women in building the republic. A counterpoint to the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, it challenges the conventional view of Indians, tackles interracial marriage and cross-cultural friendship, and claims for women their rightful place in history. At the center of novel are two friends. Hope Leslie, a spirited thinker in a repressive Puritan society, fights for justice for the Indians and asserts the independence of women. Magawisca, the passionate daughter of a Pequot chief, braves her father's wrath to save a white man and risks her freedom to reunite Hope with her long-lost sister, captured as a child by the Pequots and now married to Magawisca's brother. Amply plotted, with unforgettable characters, Hope Leslie is a rich, compelling, deeply satisfying novel.

Forget You Had a Daughter ($4.28), by Michael Tierney

Book Description
Having lived a successful life in Bangkok that included friends, two teaching jobs, and her own apartment, Sandra Gregory recounts how her life took a terrible turn in 1993 and how she experienced a journey from prison to renewal. While recuperating from dysentery and dengue fever, Gregory ran out of money. With mounting medical bills to pay, she met a heroin addict who offered her $1,000 to smuggle his personal supply of heroin to Japan. It was just enough to pay her medical bills and buy a ticket home, but Gregory was arrested at Bangkok airport before she even boarded the plane. Detailing the four and a half years she spent in the notorious Lard Yao prison, dubbed the "Bangkok Hilton," Gregory describes scenes of horrific brutality and suffering before being transferred to a British jail to serve the rest of her 22-year sentence. She tells of her daily fight for survival, of many women who died with no medical care or loved ones around them, and of her acceptance of her guilt and ultimate redemption.

How to Raise a Jewish Dog ($3.99), by Rabbis of Boca Raton Theological Seminary

Book Description
Questions to Ask a Breeder: 1. What kind of job is this, growing dogs? 2. Are these dogs nice? I mean of course they are. But if not, is this refundable? 3. Is this a stable business? Do you make a decent living? 4. Does the insurance kill you or is it okay? 5. Dogs are animals ? does this mean you qualify for some kind of Federal ranch subsidies? 6. What do I say to people who want to know how I can spend $1500 and up on a dog when there are so many dogs to be rescued from the pound?

The (make-believe) Rabbis of the (fictional) Boca Raton Theological Seminary have developed the essential dog training program for raising a Jewish dog. For the first time, the same dynamic blend of passive-aggressiveness and smothering indulgence, that unique alloy of infantilization and disingenuous manipulation that created generations of high-achieving Jewish boys and girls, can be applied to create a generation of high-achieving Jewish doggies. Written (for real) by Ellis Weiner and Barbara Davilman, co-authors of the bestselling Yiddish with Dick and Jane and Yiddish with George and Laura, this essential "guide" is sure to be a complete howl.

Fun with Phone Solicitors: 50 Ways to Get Even ($1.99), by Robert Harris

Book Description
They wake you up Saturday morning, waste your time, and interrupt meals and precious couch time. They're phone solicitors-the only group more despised than lawyers. Now here's your chance to strike back-hustle the hustlers, annoy the annoying-and have a blast with these fifty foolproof ways to get even. Drive 'em nuts with:
  • The Receptionist Ruse: Pretend to transfer your tormentor and then press sever
  • The Verbatim Variation: Repeat everything the caller says in a singsong tone.
  • The Drop-the-phone Drill: The more drops you can get before the solicitor hangs up, the higher your score!
Creative! Relieves stress! Fun for the whole family!

How to Stay Single Forever ($1.99), by Jenny Lombard

Book Description
With this handbook today's independant woman can easily avoid meaningful relationships with aplomb. The 101 strategies are fully explained, may be used alone or in combination and include tips such as using baby talk in bed and be brutally honest.

Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me ($4.99), by Ben Karlin

Book Description
The Emmy award-winning former executive producer of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report has assembled a stellar lineup of men who have one thing in common: all have been dumped...and are willing to share their pain and the lessons learned.

Relationships end. And in almost all of them, even the most callow among us take something away. This is a book about that something, whether it be major life lessons, like "If you lie, you will get caught," simple truths like, "Flowers work," or something wholly unique like, "Watch out for the high strung brother in the military."

This anthology will be comprised of longer and shorter pieces, drawn from an array of impressive celebrities, writers and public figures. Some pieces may be a paragraph in length while others will be full-blown essays. All of them will be about that salient something men take away from a failed relationship. Yes, men learn.

This is not a touchy-feely book. This is not a self-help book. This is a book packed with smart, funny and insightful stories from men you probably thought never got dumped, or if they did, would never admit it.

Meditations for Men Who Do Next to Nothing (and Would Like to Do Even Less) ($1.99), by N. K. Peske & B.J. Pennacchini

Book Description
As all women know, movies are more than entertainment -- they're self-medication. A good flick is like a soothing tonic that, if administered property, (and in combination with something obscenely high in fat grams), can cure everything from a bad hair day to full-fledged identity crisis. Cinematherapy: The Girl's Guide to_ Movies for Every Mood is a hilarious guide to films to suit women's every emotion (and boy do we have lots of them -- as opposed to men, who basically have 'on' and 'off').

Will Work for Fun: Three Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash ($3.06), by Alan R. Bechtold

Book Description
Will Work for Fun presents a simple three-step process for turning your favorite hobby or interest into a reliable source of income. Why stay trapped in a job you hate, when you could turn your fun into your job? No matter what your interests are, Alan Bechtold will show you how to what you love into a real moneymaking career. Packed with stories, examples, exercises, and links to online resources, Will Work for Fun is the cure for another dull day at the office.

My Feet Aren't Ugly!: A Girl's Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out ($2.85), by Debra Beck

Book Description
Do you sometimes feel like other girls are prettier, more trendy, or more popular than you? Do you ever feel bad about yourself?

In this funny, honest book, teen expert and mentor Debra Beck provides in-depth examples and exercises to develop the tools you need for self-confidence. Learn how to have fulfilling relationships, make good decisions for yourself, respect yourself and others, and love yourself for who you are.

In a humorous, breezy style, this book instructs young women about how to feel good about themselves. Beck uses personal anecdotes from her youth, as well as stories about the young women she knows and works with to illustrate her points and provide examples. She covers topics that include resisting peer pressure, being kind to your body, developing healthy habits, personal responsibility, eating disorders, suicide, and physical intimacy.

The School for Scandal ($2.00), by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Book Description
Richard Brinsley Sheridan is arguably the only comic dramatist, apart from Shakespeare, who has succeeded in pleasing changing audiences for more than two hundred years. In The School for Scandal he produced a comedy Shakespearean in range, if differing in its components. Its artificial world of heightened wit and heightened folly delights its audience; but at times it engages them with moments of human pain and happiness, before delivering them back to its brilliant comedy. The remarkable poise with which Sheridan holds these various elements together has seen the play consistently hailed as the comic masterpiece of the century. This entirely new edition, prepared for the New Mermaids series by Professor Ann Blake, reappraises and gives full vale to this classic work of comedy.

Rex: A Mother, Her Autistic Child, and the Music that Transformed Their Lives ($1.41), by Cathleen Lewis

Book Description
he inspiring story of Rex, a boy who is not only blind and autistic, but who also happens to be a musical savant.

How can an 11-year old boy hear a Mozart fantasy for the first time and play it back note-for-note perfectly-but struggle to navigate the familiar surroundings of his own home? Cathleen Lewis says her son Rex's laugh of total abandon is the single most joyous sound anyone could hear, but his tortured aversion to touch and sound breaks her heart and makes her wonder what God could have had in mind. In this book she shares the mystery of Rex and the highs, lows, hopes, dreams, joy, sorrows, and faith she has journeyed through with him.

My Three Fathers ($4.05), by Bill Patten

Book Description
Bill Patten grew up in the heart of privileged society to American parents-a debutante mother, a diplomatic father-stationed in Europe. Weekends away from his English boarding school were often spent at the regal country estates of important policy makers and historical figures of the mid-twentieth century. When Bill was twelve years old, his father, William Patten, died, and his mother remarried the renowned columnist Joe Alsop. Patten was swept into Washington during the Kennedy years, where he bore witness to his stepfather's legendary power-brokering, and watched a very different father figure at work. In 1996, when he was forty-seven years old, Bill Patten learned that his biological father was not William Patten, but the noted English diplomat, Duff Cooper. In this quest to know his triumvirate of fathers, Bill Patten offers an unforgettable memoir. My Three Fathers is a search for identity-and a luscious chronicle of a fascinating, bygone era of American aristocracy.

The Think Big Manifesto: Think You Can't Change Your Life (and the World)? Think Again ($3.87), by Michael Port & Mina Samuels

Book Description
Think Bigger. About Who You Are. And What You Offer the World.

Stand for something before someone stands on you. Revolt against the play-it-safe, don't disturb the peace, cynical and silenced society that, more often than not, buries big thoughts.

Michael Port, bestselling author and creator of ThinkBigRevolution.com, knows it's not always easy to think big. But big thinking must happen now; today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

At this very moment, you are the change you want to see in the world—should you choose to accept personal responsibility. Devour every word of The Think Big Manifesto. It is the handbook to your personal revolution.

You are more than you know. And you can do more with less than you think...

  • Unhook from the guru track
  • Learn how to be comfortable with discomfort
  • Join people doing powerful things
  • Be one of the big thinkers that others rave about
This book, and life, is not a conceptual, theoretical experiment in how to do big things. No, this is just what you need if you're on, or want to be on, the path to doing big things and are willing to invest in your future.

Join or incite a worldwide revolution that inspires others to follow. All it takes is one big thought and the revolution is unleashed. One thought, one person at a time, quickly followed by another—soon big thinking becomes the norm. Your big thoughts enable you to achieve greatness, be remarkable, and create a better world.

Are you a member of the Think Big Revolution? If so, this is your Manifesto.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ($4.95), by Stephen R. Covey

Book Description
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is a comprehensive program based on developing an awareness of how perceptions and assumptions hinder success---in business as well as presonal relationships. Here's an approach that will help broaden your way of thinking and lead to greater opportunities and effective problem solving. Be Pro-Active: Take the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. Begin With an End in Mind: Start with a clear destination to understand where you are now, where you're going and what you value most. Put First Things First: Manage yourself. Organize and execute around priorities. Think Win/Win: See life as a cooperative, not a comprehensive arena where success is not achieved at the expense or exclusion of the success of others. Seek First to Understand: Understand then be understood to build the skills of empathetic listening that inspires openness and trust. Synergize: Apply the principles of cooperative creativity and value differences. Renewal: Preserving and enhanving your greatest asset, yourself, by renewing the physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional dimensions of your nature. Stephen R. Covey is the most respected motivator in the business world today. Learn to use his 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People--and see how they can change your life.

Solving Tough Problems: An Open Way of Talking, Listening, and Creating New Realities ($4.48), by Adam Kahane

Book Description
Tough problems usually dont get solved peacefully. They either dont get solved at allthey get stuckor they get solved by force. These frustrating and frightening outcomes occur all the time. Families replay the same argument over and over, or a parent lays down the law. Organizations keep returning to a familiar crisis, or a boss decrees a new strategy. Communities split over a controversial issue, or a politician dictates the answer. Countries negotiate to a stalemate, or they go to war. Either the people involved in a problem cant agree on what the solution is, or the people with powerauthority, money, gunsimpose their solution on everyone else..The way we talk and listen expresses our relationship with the world. When we fall into the trap of telling and of not listening, we close ourselves off from being changed by the world and we limit ourselves to being able to change the world only by force. But when we talk and listen with an open mind and an open heart and an open spirit, we bring forth our better selves and a better world.

First Aid Guide and Home Doctor ($4.28), by MobileReference

Book Description
n illustrated survival guide with step-by-step instructions, a world-wide list of emergency phone numbers, first aid techniques, and detailed description of what-to-do in over 60 medical emergency conditions. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. FREE Basic First Aid, First Aid Techniques, and Bites Chapter in the trial.

The Bartenders Black Book, Updated 9th Edition ($2.78), by Stephen Kittredge Cunningham & Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Book Description
The newest and ninth edition to the Bartenders Black Book franchise adds 143 brand-new recipes that were created by bartenders, professional and laymen, around the world in the last two years. That brings the total beverage count to 3,000, more than double that of any other drink guide. All the sections have been expanded and updated, including Robert M. Parker, Jr. s Vintage Guide and Mr. Cunningham s already vast Martini section. Of course this book still has all its classic features: an index by ingredients, in-depth mixing instructions, metric conversion tables, a list of every possible garnish, sections on hot drinks, frozen drinks, beers, ales, lagers, and malternatives.

Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit?: Insanely Annoying Modern Things ($4.99), by Steve Lowe & Alan McArthur

Book Description
An encyclopedic attack on modern culture so hilariously bitter that it actually becomes uplifting. Based on two runaway UK bestsellers, this new American edition has been ingeniously adapted and features exclusive new material for US audiences by Brendan Hay, a former Daily Show headline producer and contributing writer to America: The Book.

If you hate chick lit, Che Guevara merchandise, pop Kabbalah, cosmetic-surgery-gone-wrong-as-tv-programming, DVDs with ads you can't skip, or any of a few hundred other insanely annoying modern things, then this book will finally lend creedence to your frustrations.

Say NOto the awful ideas, terrible people, useless products, and infuriating doublespeak that increasingly dominates our lives. Never before has there been a book so completely full of shit.

Clearly, it isn't just you...

Consumed ($4.02), by Benjamin R. Barber

Book Description
A powerful sequel to Benjamin R. Barber's best-selling Jihad vs. McWorld, Consumed offers a vivid portrait of an overproducing global economy that targets children as consumers in a market where there are never enough shoppers and where the primary goal is no longer to manufacture goods but needs. To explain how and why this has come about, Barber brings together extensive empirical research with an original theoretical framework for understanding our contemporary predicament. He asserts that in place of the Protestant ethic once associated with capitalism-encouraging self-restraint, preparing for the future, protecting and self-sacrificing for children and community, and other characteristics of adulthood-we are constantly being seduced into an "infantilist" ethic of consumption.

Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About ($3.10), by Kevin Trudeau

Book Description
Are you getting deeper and deeper into debt while they make bigger and bigger profits? Not after you read...Debt Cure$ "They" Don't Want You To Know About! In this new book, Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off the banking and credit card industries, exposing the greatest rip off of our citizens in this nation's history. The credit card industry is one of the most profitable industries in this country, but they don't want you to know it. You can fight back! You can apply Kevin's solutions to your debt problems, and keep more money in your pocket today. You can learn how to use credit to build wealth! Read Debt Cure$ and cure your debt forever. You will learn:

  • How the credit lending business is rigged against you!
  • How the financial industry wants to keep you in debt!
  • How the banks and credit card companies are making obscene profits off of you and how you can change that!
  • How to reduce or possible totally eliminate your debt!
  • How you could cut your payments in half!
  • How to correct your credit with two magic words!
  • How to improve your credit virtually overnight!
  • How to get free money that you never have to pay back!
  • Find out why the financial industry wants to keep you in debt.
  • Turn bad debt into good credit.
  • Create wealth through financial health.
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout: Surviving Today's Global Depression ($1.02), by William Bonner

Book Description
When the first edition of Financial Reckoning Day was published more than six years ago, many critics felt that maverick financial writers Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin were overly critical of the United States increasing debt and the start of what seemed to be foreshadowing of economic concerns. Fast-forward to 2009, and much of what the authors predicted has come true-high unemployment rates, record setting foreclosures and bankruptcies along with the near global collapse of the financial institutions once thought to be so secure.

With the Second Edition of Financial Reckoning Day, Bonner and Wiggin bring you even more down-to-earth wisdom. This timely guide reveals that the hazards of democratic consumer capitalism and the financial follies of history are not a thing of the past-but an ongoing issue with no end in sight. With this book, you'll gain a better perspective of what's really going on and discover the steps you need to take to survive the difficult times ahead.

  • Bonner and Wiggin are astute observers of the global financial arena and perfectly positioned to offer you solid advice in this field
  • Discusses what's behind all the financial turbulence, what's in store, and what you can do to safeguard your investments
  • Other titles by Bonner: Empire of Debt, Financial Reckoning Day, and Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
  • Other titles by Wiggin: I.O.U.S.A., Demise of the Dollar, and Financial Reckoning Day
Honest and accurate, the Second Edition of Financial Reckoning Day offers you the best chance to protect your assets and grow your portfolio in these difficult financial times.

Thriving in the New Economy: Lessons from Today's Top Business Minds ($2.14), by Lori Ann LaRocco

Book Description
Survive and thrive in today's economy

These are make-or-break times for business leaders. In today's defining moment, the "New Economy," CEOs and other leaders in a wide variety of industries must face unprecedented conditions.

Thriving in the New Economy gives you a unique look into some of today's best economic and business minds. A series of close profiles, the book offers inspirational personal stories, useful advice, and actionable strategies you can use immediately to skirt financial peril, seize opportunities, and flourish in the New Economy.

  • Profiles include financial publisher Steve Forbes, The Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle, Former National Economic Council Director and Former Special Assistant to the President on Economic Policy Lawrence Lindsey, former FDIC chair Donald Powell, Saks CEO Steve Sadove, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. President Jim Lentz, legendary vulture investor Wilbur Ross and more
  • Looks at how leaders in economics, banking, automobiles, real estate, and retail are not just avoiding the unraveling economy, but actively evolving and growing their businesses
  • \Foreword by H. Wayne Huizenga; Afterword by Rudy Giuliani
If you're looking for the way forward through today's business wilderness, Thriving in the New Economy lets you in on how some leaders use challenges not just to survive but thrive.

The Sages ($2.99), by Charles R. Morris, is one of two identically priced editions. The second one has a subtitle, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Paul Volcker, and the Maelstrom of Markets, but also appears to be in topaz format, so I'd pick this mobi formatted edition.

Book Description
Throughout the violent financial disruptions of the past several years, three men have stood out as beacons of judgment and wisdom: Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Paul Volcker. Though their experiences and styles vary-Buffett is the canny stock market investor; Soros is the reader of shifting global tides in trade and currencies; and Volcker is the regulator and governor, sheriff and clean-up crew-they have very much in common. All three men have more than fifty years of deep involvement in markets. All are skeptical of Wall Street frenzies. They believe that markets tend to be right, but usually only over the medium term. They have seen too many cycles of herd-driven, emotion-riding booms and busts to make their views hostage to the sweeping and simplistic assumptions of "efficient-markets" models. With the benefit of his own deep understanding of markets and finance, Morris brilliantly analyzes the records of these men, distilling their wisdom and experience-and argues for the importance of consistent values in navigating the treacherous terrain of today's globalized world.