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I've moved!

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I've moved!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

eBookStore Coupons/Book Sale

CyberRead is celebrating their move into new offices with a 15% off coupon that can be used on any orders between now and 12/15/09. Their offerings do have DRM (thus are not Kindle compatible), but they've revamped the site to lower prices recently and sometimes don't have the same geographic restrictions of other stores, so are popular with non-US readers. Use coupon code is HMAGAIN.

Fictionwise, in the meantime, has a 25% off coupon that can be used in conjunction with their Big Year End Sale, giving you an effective discount or rebate of 55% to 74.5% on all books (the lowest is for non-members, a 40% rebate/discount on top of the 25% coupon, with the highest is for members and 60% rebate/discount books). Also good through Dec 15, use the coupon code thoughts25.

Small Beer Press is having a sale on "every book (or ebook, zine, subscription, etc.)", with a portion of every sale and pre-sale thru the end of the year being donated to Franciscan Children’s Hospital. From their blog:
It’s time for our once-every-ten-years end-of-the-decade sale and this year we’re donating a portion of the proceeds to Franciscan Children’s Hospital.
All our books are on sale—and $1 from every book (or ebook, zine, subscription, etc.) goes to Franciscan.

And, if you order items at full price, we will donate the difference between the full price and the sale price to Franciscan!

All our preorder titles are on sale, too! (They’re marked “Remainder” until we get it fixed.)

Paperbacks are less than $10—many quite a bit less!—and hardcovers are up to 40% off. Or, of course, more.
You can find their paper book sale catalog HERE, the full catalog with ebooks HERE and their pre-orders HERE. Not every title is available as an ebook, but those that are appear to be DRM-free (but in PDF form).