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I've moved!

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I've moved!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Audible Semi-Annual $9.95 Sale

It's time once again for Audible's Semi-Annual $9.95 or Less Sale. There are thousands of audiobooks included in the sale, with categories to browse thru including Editors' Picks, Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, History, Bios & Memoirs and Business & Self-Dev. If you have a wishlist set up, that's another good way to check for included titles, as the $6.95 sale price will be shown for any titles you've saved there to look at later.

Prices appear to be for those with a subscription membership only (monthly or Annual). You can always join Audible with a free Trial membership, get the sale prices and at the end of your trial, cancel and get the $10/year membership (offered during cancellation only) to continue getting sale prices in the future.

Sale ends April 26 @ 11:59 PM ET (US).