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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

UK Kindle Daily Deal 6/5

The Kindle Deal of the day for those in the UK is three titles for £0.99 each (75%-87% off): The Heart Specialist by Claire Rothman, The Villa by Rosanna Ley and The Real McCoy by Sheryl Leonard.

The Heart Specialist (Main/UK), by Claire Rothman (US edition $9.39) [Oneworld Publications]
Fleeing accusations of a hideous crime, Agnes White's father left her with precious little: an old pipe, half-recollections of a bristling moustach, and jars upon jars of preserved medical specimens. What began as the only way to remember her absent father soon develops into a passion to understand, and to marvel at, the workings of life. Following her vocation into the medical profession, it takes all her intelligence and determination to defy the establishment and win the right for women to hold medical degrees. Yet despite a rapid rise to stardom, she continues to find herself up against a wall of prejudice and exclusion. Set against the conflicts and upheaval that permeated the early 1900s, The Heart Specialist charts one woman's struggle for the freedom to do what she loves.
The Villa (Main/UK), by Rosanna Ley (no US edition) [Quercus]
When Tess Angel receives a solicitor's letter inviting her to claim her inheritance - the Villa Sirena, perched on a clifftop in Sicily - she is stunned. Her only link to the island is through her mother, Flavia, who left Sicily during World War II and cut all contact with her family. Initially resistant to Tess going back to her roots, Flavia realises the secrets from her past are about to be revealed and decides to try to explain her actions. Meanwhile, Tess' teenage daughter Ginny is stressed by college, by her blooming sexuality and filled with questions that she longs to ask her father, if only she knew where he was.

Three women, all seeking answers. Will Villa Sirena bring them together - or drive them apart?
The Real McCoy (Main/UK), by Sheryl Leonard (US edition $2.99) [Montlake Romance]
Stephanie Hays, RN, has been infatuated with the handsome, well-respected Dr. Peter Granville since her days in nursing school. And now she has the good fortune of working alongside the “Great Granville” in his hospital unit. There, she spends her days longing for precious scraps of his attention, even if they’re won only by her legendary clumsiness.

Dr. Luke Carter is Granville’s senior resident—and a man who attracts women like ants to a picnic. But the only woman he wants is Stephanie, and she’s blinded by her attraction to Granville. She fails to see him through Luke’s eyes: as a cold, egocentric bully who’ll do anything to get to the top.

Determined to make Stephanie realize the unsettling truth about her idol, Luke conceives a plot to reveal Granville for who he really is. Is this the ticket to winning Stephanie’s heart at last…or will it drive her straight into Granville’s arms?