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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bargain Book Duo and some Notes

Save up to 70% this weekend at Kobo (no coupon code). The Kobo Glo eInk ereader is marked down to $99 this weekend (USA only, use coupon code GL625), but the big news is a 1/2 price sale on the Kobo Mini at $39.99.

It's the last day for those with Amazon Prime to borrow a book that is Prime Lending Eligible.

Sony has a $1.99 sale going on; if you don't want EPUB, most are being price matched at Amazon (if you do want EPUB, you only get the $1.99 price if you add it to the cart from the sale page). I can't tell if the sale was supposed to end on Saturday or not, since it's still up and live early Sunday morning.

B&N has their top-selling ebooks marked at 50% off this weekend (in addition to their NOOK Book Two-for-One Weekends Offer in store sale). Even at that price, some are cheaper in the Kindle store all the time (or within a dollar or two), but there are quite a few that were dropped below the $5 mark. So, check out the sale and then double check with Amazon, if you prefer to read on your Kindle.

Kiss of Surrender ($0.89 Kindle), the second Deadly Angels novel by Sandra Hill [HarperCollins], looks to be a humorous urban fantasy. The just released Kiss of Temptation is the third in the series and also on sale, at $2.99. For those who prefer to start the series at the beginning, Kiss of Pride is under $5.

Kiss of Surrender
What romance reader can resist a hero who is both Viking…and vampire? In the second installment of New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill's exciting Deadly Angels series, Nicole Tasso, Navy SEAL is powerless to resist the "vangel" in her midst… And the mystery surrounding her thousand-year-old suitor only makes him more desirable…and more dangerous! Filled with Sandra Hill's trademark combination of smoldering sensuality and laugh-out-loud humor, Kiss of Surrender: A Deadly Angels Book will leave paranormal and urban fantasy romance fans hungry for more from this award-winning author.
Kiss of Temptation
Kiss of Tempation is the third romance in New York Times bestselling author’s Sandra Hill’s beloved Deadly Angels series.

For centuries, Ivak Sigurdsson has served the archangel Michael as a vangel – a viking vampire angel. Ready to demonstrate that he is more than just a libidinous heartbreaker, he agrees to help lawyer Gabrielle Sonnier. But while her problems are in need of serious attention, so is their attraction for one another.

Sexy and sassy, Kiss of Temptation features plenty of witty innuendo, passion, and a hint of mystery. Fans of paranormal romance will enjoy this racy page-turner featuring a strong, smart heroine and a bad boy turned hero.

Fatal Error ($0.99 Kindle), by Colleen Thompson [Montlake Romance], is joined by a number her novels at $2.99, including her just released novel (from this week!), Head On.

Fatal Error
West Texas gossip paints every story a more interesting shade, especially when a married man goes missing with a small-town banker’s wife and a stolen fortune. Susan Maddox is tired of feeling like an abandoned woman, and even angrier when neighbors insist she’s the one getting away with murder. Maybe her handsome-as-sin, bad-boy brother-in-law isn’t the smartest choice of an ally, especially since she’s never been able to forget a star-studded night in his convertible back in high school. But who else can she trust to recover damning information from her husband’s crashed hard drive? Who else can pick up the pieces when intruders set fire to her home, a truck runs her off the road, and a trail of dead men stops her cold? Who else will help her uncover a fatal error?
Head On
Hell On Wheels...

The full moon brings out the crazies; anyone in emergency services knows that. But for hospice nurse Beth Ann Decker, the gruesome murder that rocks Hatcher County is shockingly unexpected. As is the return of the Texas community's most hated prodigal son -- Mark Jessup. Sixteen years before, the town's bad boy was behind the wheel of a pickup that left three cheerleaders dead and Beth Ann so badly injured that people whispered she'd have been better off in the grave with them. Jessup is all man now -- tough, uncompromising, rich -- and a possible suspect in this new killing. Beth Ann knows he's the last person she should be spending time with, especially when a nighttime intruder makes it clear that she herself is a target. But in Mark's heated gaze, Beth Ann sees something a lot more exciting than pity. No matter how dangerous the road ahead, she's dead set on meeting life, and love...Head On.