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I've moved!

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I've moved!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diesel Daily Deal - A Protected Witness (E)

A Protected Witness ($4.99 $3.82 Kindle), a romantic suspense novel by Mallory Kane [Harlequin Intrigue], is today's Deal of the "Day" at Diesel E-Books, where it's discounted to $0.80. (7 copies left).

Book Description

Because of the FBI, Allison Barnes lost her husband in an execution-style shooting that left her gravely wounded and with no memory of that night. Now, the Witness Security Program was her only recourse. But once the killer found her again, there was only one person from her past she could trust—her husband's protégé, Mitch Decker.

When Allie contacted him, Mitch knew that if he couldn't unlock her memories, both their lives would be forfeit. Yet in the throes of danger he began to uncover her passionate side. Would deadly secrets tear her from his arms, or could he protect this witness…with his love?
Get the book from Diesel; be sure to check the sales price, as the Deal of the Day often sells out.