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I've moved!

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I've moved!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Book - Instant Self-Hypnosis (K/N/E/P/I)

Update: 1/28/12 Now free from Sourcebooks.
Update: 1/24/12 Now free from iTunes.
Update: 1/22/12 Now free in the US Kindle store.

Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open (US/UK), by Forbes Blair, is free for UK customers in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble. It should be free for US Kindle customers by morning.
Book Description
Hypnosis is a proven technique that allows people to reprogram their subconscious to change unwanted behaviors. Most books on self-hypnosis require the reader to memorize or record scripts, then put the book aside while they do their hypnosis work. But Instant Self-Hypnosis is the only self-hypnosis book that allows you to hypnotize yourself as you read, with your eyes wide open, without putting down the book.

The author's fail-proof method allows you to put yourself into a hypnotic state and then use that state to improve your life in myriad ways. And because the hypnotic state is induced while you read, you remain aware of your surroundings and can bring yourself back to normal consciousness slowly and gently, using the instructions provided.
Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.
Get the free ebook from iTunes.
Get the free ebook from Sourcebooks.