I've moved!

I've moved!

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I've moved!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Volume in the Peacekeepers Series

Ricky Sides has completed the sixth volume of The Peacekeepers series, The Citadel ($2.99), and you can pick it up for $1.99 at Smashwords, using (this blog's exclusive) coupon code MT87A, which expires on April 14, 2010. It isn't available on Kindle yet, but he has hit the publish button, so I'd expect it to be there with his other titles by Sunday or Monday. Update: The Kindle version is now available for $2.99, along with the earlier titles in the series at $1.99 each.

Ricky has sent me a copy of the book for review (which I have not gotten to, yet), but having read (and paid for) some of the earlier books in the series, I have no doubt that this will be one I'll enjoy.

Book Description
In the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas, the peacekeepers discover the base for Phoenix Rising, a secret government project that planned to utilize the work of the development team who’d designed the Peacekeeper. Inside that citadel, they discovered an aircraft unlike any other they had ever seen. Calling on all of their resources, the peacekeepers race to prevent a nuclear strike on American soil.

He also has two books you can pick up at no charge, over on Smashwords.

The Ultimate in Women's Self-Defense - Coupon Code: UZ46T ($1.00 Kindle)

Book Description
The information contained within this book could save your life. During an intensive private training course with his master, the author learned the secret techniques that the masters teach their own families. With the blessings and assistance of his master, the author developed a comprehensive training course for his students. He undertook the challenge to write a book detailing that training

Adventures in Reading - Coupon Code: ZM45D ($1.00 Kindle). A short story collection.

Book Description
The Test: (fiction.) A high ranking martial artist takes his master's test.

The Doll: (paranormal fiction.) After a young girl's twin is killed she is
devastated by that loss. Then one day her father gives her a new doll which
has a surprising impact on the girl.

The Blizzard: (fantasy.) Three companions must survive a blizzard in order
to save a city population.

The Tank: (science fiction.) A government funded research project goes bad.

The Hunt: (fiction.) A hunter becomes the hunted.

Round Island Massacre: (paranormal fiction.) A group of friends cross a
river to help a beleaguered family.

America, Land of Mysteries: (true.) A set of mysteries the author has
encountered and dealt with on a personal level.

The Visitor: (fiction.) A visitor to a church reveals some important

The Forgotten: (real.) Who are the forgotten?

Night Stalker: (fiction.) Something is killing animals at night, and with
Halloween upon the community some parents wonder if it is safe for their
children to go out into the neighborhood.

The North Room: (paranormal fiction. novella length.) A paranormal
investigator seeks to help a family with a very special need.

Coping with Breast Cancer: (true.) The author relates the experience his
family had with the disease.